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Hallie Fisher

IMPD Student

Hallie Fisher

California native Hallie Fisher just graduated from the International Manufacturing & Product Development (IMPD) Program, and is continuing her industry studies in Business Management on the Los Angeles campus. She also writes a student blog about FIDM life!

Tell us a little about yourself: I just completed the IMPD Advanced Study Program and am preparing to start my 3rd and final FIDM program—Business Management—for the spring quarter. I also write for the product development blog. It chronicles student life through a product development perspective and all the great opportunities for a student at FIDM.

What is one of your proudest accomplishments? When I was selected as a representative for FIDM to a Cotton Incorporated conference in New York. We spent time in Cotton Incorporated's office on Madison Avenue to convene with various other design schools about the development of Cotton University, an interactive resource for college students and recent grads.

Tell us about your experience in the IMPD Program: IMPD has been the ultimate hands-on learning experience. Seeing your designs come to fruition gives an amazing sense of accomplishment. My design challenge was creating a product line for tween girls under the Cherokee brand. It was particularly interesting because our mentor was a licensing company interested in international expansion. My final product line was comprised of girls knits and woven tops to be sold
in France.

What was the biggest lesson you learned in the IMPD Program?
The importance of presentation skills and the ability to sell my product and myself with confidence.

Tell us a little about your traveling experience in the IMPD Program:
I believe the travel experience is one of the most valuable aspects of the program—gaining familiarity with various international fashion capitals, knowing where to go for trendspotting, understanding the energy of the city, and researching.

Tell us about the upcoming fall 2012 trends: The trend we focused on the most was the American vintage feel with hand crafted quality and the allure of the simple life. Tween girls love graphic tees with tactile details, loose playful ruffles and always rosy cheery pinks.

What fashion sites/blogs do you love? A friend of mine opened a new store in Hong Kong, The 9th Muse. The blog is a quirky and fun read. I also recommend investigating Cotton Incorporated's site. It is a hub for textile and consumer research and various other useful facts.

How did you choose your major at FIDM? I was interested in acquiring expertise in specific international business and manufacturing techniques. I liked the idea of learning strategic supply chain management and developing innovative products.

What are your career goals and how is FIDM helping you get there? Attending FIDM has offered me too many remarkable opportunities to count. The college is a great resource with experienced professors, comprehensive library resources, scholarship opportunities, and various industry events, all of which make for great networking.

What advice do you have for someone thinking about going to FIDM? Attending class is only a fraction of the learning one can experience at FIDM. Engage your instructors and Career Advisors, Department Chairperson, and all the people you come in contact with at FIDM—they offer helpful insight and knowledge.

Anything else you'd like to share? As a rule of thumb, never turn down an opportunity. I encourage students to get involved and participate in as many competitions, events, and workshops as possible. Also, visit my FIDM student blog!!

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