The Bold Stripe

These stripes are anything but basic.

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neon sign

Neon Sign DIY

How cute is this neon sign night light!

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Leon HS FC Officers in front of clothing bin

Leon HS Fashion Club Clothing Drive Brings in 1K Items

FC President Caldwell Harris tells us about her experience leading the program.

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Fashion Clubs

Lindsey Hughes

5 Things You Need To Succeed

YouTuber Lindsey Hughes aka beautybaby44 tells us what you need to become a success at beauty blogging.

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student taking FIDM career quiz

Career Quiz

An amazing fashion career is in your future. But which one? Take this quiz and find out! take the quiz>>

Welcome to Fashion Club.

We’re a national high school fashion program sponsored by FIDM, a prestigious fashion college with four campuses strategically located in California's fashion and entertainment centers.

We help students interested in pursuing careers in these creative industries to launch Fashion Clubs at their high schools. Club Presidents lead fun activities at their meetings, organize events, and do fundraisers. Many clubs organize and produce fashion shows at school, gaining valuable fashion leadership experience.

Fashion Club members qualify for exclusive scholarships to attend FIDM, plus they get access to special contests and giveaways with amazing prizes. It’s leadership and fun rolled into one fashionable package!



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