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Six FIDM Fashion Design Students were selected this year to participate in Fashion Club’s Prom Challenge. Their mission? Turn a thrift store find into a prom dress fit for a celebrity! With six weeks to do it—start (shopping for the raw materials) to finish (AKA our prom shoot!)—our designers created drop dead gorgeous designs. It was an absolute blast, and quite an educational experience.

Rihanna | Emma Stone | Janelle Monáe | Lana Del Rey | Chloë Grace Moretz | Lucy Hale

Rihanna: Pretty Dramatic
In FC’s Prom Challenge, FIDM Theater Costume Design Grad Heather O’Shea was challenged to do a redesign of a thrift store dress inspired by Rihanna. She started with a dress she found at Goodwill. “It was a silk satin Chinese-inspired full length sheath,” she said, “in an awful ochre!” After she experimented with dyeing techniques, she redesigned the vintage dress into a sleek prom dress with faux leather straps and gold-studded details. “My finished design is a mashup of styles reminiscent of Rihanna's videos S&M and What Now. She's intimidating and inspiring, and I like pushing boundaries.”

On Merchandise Product Development Student Claudia Aguilera:

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